New challenges for Conservar Património




The current issue sets the beginning of a new stage of the journal Conservar Património. From its genesis until issue number 31, António João Cruz and Francisca Figueira were the Editor and Associate editor of the journal. We would like to highlight their great commitment and perseverance in the odyssey of setting up a periodic journal dedicated to the conservation of heritage within the non-profit association ARP – Associação Profissional de Conservadores-restauradores de Portugal, and of being able to raise the journal to a level of recognized relevance and prominence in both national and international contexts. After 14 years, both editors resign now, of their duties in the board of the journal.
The new team of editors comprises five of the nine associate editors on duty at June 2019, who are committed to preserving the value and importance of Conservar Património.


Online: 2019-11-6
Publication: 2019-11-6


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Figueiredo, E., Claro, A., Miller, A. Z., O. Sequeira, S., & Ferreira, T. M. (2019). New challenges for Conservar Património. Conservar Património, 32, 6–7.




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