Ethical guidelines

The Editors of Conservar Património are ultimately responsible for accepting or rejecting a manuscript.

No conflict of interests or any other type of positive or negative discrimination shall interfere with the Editors’ responsibilities towards a submitted or published manuscript.

The Editors will manage the submission and reviewing process in a way that preserves the anonymity of the Reviewers.

Papers that do not comply with the Ethical Guidelines will not be accepted. Errors or issues detected after publishing will lead to an investigation and, if proven actual, to the publishing of corrections, retractions and/or responses.

Errors or ethical issues regarding content published in Conservar Património may be brought to the Editors’ attention by Authors, Reviewers or by the readers of the Journal, regardless of their publication date.

First and foremost, the Editors, as well as the Editorial Board, are committed to the monitoring and safeguarding of the stated publication ethics and to the maintaining of integrity and good practices in academic publishing.

The submission of manuscript supposes that the respective Authors accept the ethical guidelines mentioned in the section dedicated to Authors.

The Reviewers are subject to the ethical guidelines mentioned in the Reviewers section with which they agree at the time they accept to review.