Application of 3D technologies for museum reproductions: the skull of Homo naledi from the MNCN




Conservation-restoration, Museums, 3D-Technologies, Skull, Reproduction, Dissemination


The main objective of the work presented here has been to develop an appropriate approach for making a reproduction of a hominid skull, specifically of Homo naledi, the original of which was discovered at the Rising Star cave site (South Africa), and is on display at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa) where it is kept for research. The fragility of the skull made it impossible to carry out a direct molding process on it and, for this reason, digitization and 3D printing techniques have been applied and a second phase that involved carrying out a traditional molding on the impression. The copy of this piece is currently part of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid. He highlights the importance that 3D techniques present for the field of research, dissemination and conservation of cultural heritage.


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