Textile treasures in the reliquary chest of Princess Santa Joana


  • Maria João Mota Museu de Aveiro, Av. Santa Joana Princesa, 3810-329 Aveiro, Portugal




Textiles, Relics, Princess Santa Joana, Religious habit, Reliquary chest


This article brings to light the results of a study undertaken on two textile objects which, according to tradition, are identified as the scapular and the tunic that belonged to the Dominican habit of Princess Santa Joana. Considered relics since the death of the princess (1490), they were stored in 1701 in a specially designed reliquary chest made of silver and crystal. The whole investigation was carried out on archival sources and published literature related to the worship of Princess Santa Joana, which begun immediately after her death. In order to contextualize the historical objects and their function, a brief introduction about the importance and meaning of the relics is made, while individualizing the worship of the relics in the Jesus de Aveiro Convent – especially those directly related with Princess Santa Joana. Therefore, this article gathers the conclusions achieved with the collected historical information and from the thorough examination of the textile objects.


Received: 2018-7-3
Revised: 2018-10-8
Accepted: 2018-12-6
Online: 2018-2-5
Publication: 2019-4-30


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